Ease of access or security?

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Ease of access or security?

Ease of access or security?

Like most people, I allow my browser to save some of the passwords to sites a visit frequently, but should we really do this?

There are utilities that will show usernames, passwords and url’s from your browser in seconds. Every single username and password ever saved.

Of course we do this because it saves us time, but it is really worth it?

With the ever increasing attacks on computer systems the threat is getting higher that someone else will gain access to your computer and passwords.

The alternative is to purge all data on exiting your browser, but that will make things a little more time consuming to do the day to day task we complete.

So really it’s time against security, which do you choose?


Tested positively on Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer.



I have recently used this mothed on customer computer to recover forgotten passwords. So it just adds more questions as to whether we should be doing this.

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