Consolidation of IT Services

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Consolidating your IT Services.

Consolidating your IT Services.

Working in the IT sector for the past 25 years I’ve seen the same situation occur time and time again.

Two different companies arguing as to who owns a particular problem.

The kind of problem where the software company blames the hardware company and the hardware company blames the software company.

This leaves the company with the problem in a rather difficult place not knowing who is going to get them back up and running.

If the software and hardware company where one and the same, the company with the problem knows who to call and who is obliged to fix the issue.

With this in mind it’s worth looking for a company that offers 3 core services that you need to successfully run your business, look for a company that offers the following.

IT Support

Website design and hosting

Backup Services

They will generally cover all aspects of your business and you know who to call when something is not working as it should


Paul Sparey

Python IT Ltd


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