Secure Business Backup Solutions

Can you afford to lose data?

Businesses today rely on continuous access to electronically stored data, which has led to companies diversifying away from their core business focus into trying to become IT specialists as well.  However, protecting data in-house can be very costly  and resource intensive, therefore it makes commercial sense to simply outsource your storage to specialist organisations, who deliver robust secure hosted storage services.

What would you do if disaster struck today? 
Does your business really need backup?

43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open. 
29% close within two years of a disaster. 
Don't be a statistic, be prepared!

Complete Data Protection covers all your data 

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Backing up to the cloud means a business need not worry about system crashes, employee mistakes or missed protocols. With Python-IT your data is available for recovery 24/7 and it is fully secure at all times.

You depend on your data to keep your business – your livelihood – running. Giving us your data takes trust, and we take that seriously. That’s why we take every possible measure to make sure your irreplaceable data is protected, no matter what happens.

Our secure business backup solution is tailored to your specific needs giving your business flexibility on how your data is stored, how you want to access your data and who can access the data should the need arise.

Data loss of any size can hinder productivity and could potentially harm customer satisfaction rates and your reputation. This will most certainly impact your business. Computers can be replaced overnight and we ensure your data can be retrieved immediately.