Website Security

With more companies using the internet as their primary source of income it's important that your website is secure from attackers. Python-IT offer a free on-site or off-site scan of your network to check it's not open to any of the known vulnerabilities.

What would happen if your site was compromised?
What would that mean to your business?
How much money would your company lose if your site was unavailable?

Is your site vulnerable to any of the 1000's of security holes that exist? Then what are the chances of being attacked?

Well its actually pretty low... You are just one of Millions of sites on the internet, however the fact that still remains. You may be vulnerable! It's the type of lottery you do not want to win should an attacker decide that they are going to choose your site to violate, Bring down or use to launch an attack on another site.

We will perform a 'complete' scan of your site and display your results by email..

Wireless Security

How secure is your network?

Do you do online banking, process payments or use employee payment tools.

Almost 72% of companies have never changed the default wireless pass phrase. This is largely the reason why almost 54% of companies do not have the correct security settings applied to THEIR WI­FI.

Imagine if you would, a person that sat in your office car park and can access the most secure information on your servers in an average time of 8 minutes. By utilizing our free on-site security service we can provide you with a full report on how secure you are.

We can ensure that your wireless connections and internal security are completely secure with an industry trusted Security Certified Service, we will also continuously send you regular updates on any new Security threats and will offer a 12 month maintenance service.

Internal Network And Server Security

You may think your business network is secure and all of your data is safe, but the biggest cause of data loss or data corruption is user error.
By using our internal network and server security service we can not only ensure that your files are protected but that your staff can be given access more efficiently and audit the access they have.

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