Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Sage Warning

Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Sage Accounting software developer has issued a warning that the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition may break your Sage 50 installation.

In an advisory circulated to customers yesterday, Sage says the latest version of Microsoft's operating system can create a conflict that leaves people unable to access their Sage accounts.

Users who have updated to the latest version of Windows 10 may be presented with strange password errors when trying to access Saga 50

The problem, it seems, is due to an issue between Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and .NET 3.5 in which operating system updates end up disabling the framework. This preventing the accounting software from working properly.

Sage have offered a workaround to the issue that re-activating .NET 3.5:

Sage login errors
Sage login errors

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