Charity Computer Support

We have a small quota of 5 slots that we allocate to charity work.

Charities we currently support.

TOGS CENTRE - Torfaen. - Cost £0.00

We designed, built and maintain their current website, We also look after their office environment.

Newport Mediation  - Newport -Cost £0.00

Paul sits on the board of trustees

CancerCare Line Caerphilly - Cost £0.00

We designed, built and maintain their current website. We also look after their office environment.

Paws back at home - Cwmbran - Cost £0.00

We designed, built and maintain their current website

We have 1 slot available at present.

If you would like to be considered for free website / IT Support then please do get in touch via telephone or contact us through the contact form.

IT Support Charity South Wales


Google plots death of inline installation for Chrome extensions

Google said on Tuesday that they have plans to discontinue inline installation of browser extensions on chrome, by what code on third-party websites can trigger installation of extensions from Chromes web store. The plan will be implemented in stages, following a series of complaints in the past few years about malicious extension be distributed from […]

Password Stars

Ease of access or security?

Ease of access or security?Like most people, I allow my browser to save some of the passwords to sites a visit frequently, but should we really do this?There are utilities that will show usernames, passwords and url’s from your browser in seconds. Every single username and password ever saved.Of course we do this because it […]

One Stop shop

Consolidation of IT Services

Consolidating your IT Services.Working in the IT sector for the past 25 years I’ve seen the same situation occur time and time again.Two different companies arguing as to who owns a particular problem.The kind of problem where the software company blames the hardware company and the hardware company blames the software company.This leaves the company […]

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